Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chess in the Bahamas

Cecil Moncur (left) vs Ted Cross | Photo: Andre White

by Ted Cross

My career in diplomacy has given me the privilege of living in many of the great chess countries of the world, including Russia, China, Hungary, Iceland, Azerbaijan and Croatia. It wasn't accidental that I directed my assignments to places where I could pursue my love for chess. So when I was suddenly assigned to a three-year tour to The Bahamas, I was concerned about my chances of finding good opportunities in chess.

I needn't have worried. While the chess community in The Bahamas is tiny, it is passionate and growing, especially now that some influential sponsors have stepped forward to give a significant boost to the development of chess in this island nation.  Read more >>

Bahamas: Oblivious to Carnival’s Ongoing Pollution of Its Own Waters

By Jim Walker

A newspaper in the Bahamas recently covered the news regarding Miami federal district judge Patricia Seitz threatening to temporarily ban Carnival-owned cruise ships from calling on U.S. ports.

The Tribune newspaper in Nassau points out that Carnival is building what it describes as a $100-million mega cruise port in Grand Bahama, and the company “promised it would not hurt the island’s fragile environment.” Carnival is reportedly leasing 329 acres of Bahamian land in an area known as Sharp Rock in East Grand Bahama, which the newspaper describes as an “eco-sensitive zone.” The Tribune writes that Carnival executive Giora Israel (Carnival Corp.’s Senior Vice President of Global Port & Destination Development) said the company is allegedly “big on protecting the environment.” She promised that “Carnival would not harm the environment during the construction phase, and would preserve 110 acres as a natural wetland.”

The Bahamian newspaper raised the issue, in so many words, whether Carnival can be trusted at this point?  Read more >>

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Green Caribbean Awards 2019

Lumina Point, The Bahamas

We can happily report that the Caribbean is, in fact, getting greener. Whether it’s the regular debut of a new solar park, the frequent launch of a new wind farm or a renewed regional focus on sustainability.

While more work of course has to be done, one way to forward that is to celebrate those who are already working to protect and strengthen this beautiful corner of the world.

And when it comes to the Caribbean travel industry, there are so many who are now doing their part to make the region cleaner, greener, stronger, more resilient and more sustainable for their people.  Read more >>

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Rodney & Robin

My grand daughter Robin took a selfie with Rodney Moncur, J.P., human rights activist and number one talk show host, in Harbour Island, Eleuthera.

She is now "one of da chirren dem". FREEDOM! 😊

Ringplay Productions Announces UNTITLED - a new work!

Therapeutic Conversations Meet Abstract Art in “Untitled”

Interview with Co-Writer Patrice Francis

Friday, April 19, 2019

BTI Heads To The Bahamas

By Rich Mancuso

It’s been a journey for Tony Melendez and his wife Jessy. From the Bronx they are considered the baseball couple who have been instrumental over the past decade with the training and development of youngsters in their quest to succeed in the game.

They have also stressed education as a basic need. Over the years many of their students have seen the success with college scholarships and some have moved on in the game of baseball as numerous professional teams have took the time to notice.  Read more >>