Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kristin Heinichen - Photojournalist

Louis has been working on Andros Island for eight years. Back in Haiti he was an academic and involved in politics. When the opponent of the man he was supporting took office, Louis left in anticipation of political unrest. Working in the fields has been tough for Louis, he hopes to move to America where he can put his mind and musical talent to use.

The Crops - Haitian life on Andros
Queen Conch - Conching in Andros
Caught Dead on The Bahama Banks - Spanish Wells fishermen
Quite Defiance - The Mennonites of Andros

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Tribune Weekend

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Passport Renewal Expedited

By Jones Bahamas

Launched in January of this year, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the new Polycarbonate E-Passport supersedes the electronic passport introduced in 2007, making room for a quick turnaround time, according to Chief Passport Officer, Clarence Russell.

Speaking at a Rotary Club Of Southeast Nassau meeting, Mr. Russell said that long gone are the days when application, process and collection of passports take weeks, sometimes up to eight months.

“The Bahamian passport today, we are only second in the world to Switzerland, with the new technology that we have.  Read more >>

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bahamian Art & Culture : No. 326 : 12.08.17

The latest issue of Bahamian Art & Culture Newsletter is out. This week's cover is the work of Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno who launches his new photo book on Junkanoo this Tuesday. New art events and stories featuring – the Bahamas International Film Festival, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas' new upcoming exhibition on Spirituality and Mysticism, Regina Whylly, and Jace Mckinney,

Canada Pushing Jamaica To Legalise Marijuana For Export

Canada is pushing to legalise marijuana for medical use and are willing to purchase marijuana from Jamaica, a lucrative deal that could potentially earn billions of dollars for the country on an annual basis. Blaine Dowdle, chief executive officer of Canada-based MedCannAccess, is urging Jamaica to act quickly and seize the vast economic opportunity that could come from legalising marijuana and establishing an export market for the product.  Read more >>

Nassau Grouper: Endangered and Protected

Most creatures need some space for creative activity of one sort or another. Especially one particular sort, namely breeding. And for vulnerable and endangered species, this is especially important in order to maintain a sustainable population, and preferably to increase it year on year. Which is why there are closed seasons for certain fish, ensuring a time when they can be left alone to breed in peace and to perpetuate their species.  Read more >>

The Caribbean Travel Awards – 2017

This year was not without its challenges in the Caribbean.

But in the face of overwhelming adversity, the Caribbean showed its toughness and resilience.

It’s something that’s eminently clear, as hard-hit islands quickly recover, with most already welcoming back travelers, from the British Virgin Islands to the US Virgin Islands to St Barth.

And let this be a reminder: the vast, vast majority of the Caribbean is open for business, and if you haven’t already made your return, it’s time to start planning it.

It’s also important to note that, before this fall’s storms, Caribbean travel was having a banner year, and there was much to cheer across the region, from surging arrivals in a host of destinations to continued hotel development and creativity.

Caribbean Journal’s annual Caribbean Travel Awards celebrates the best in Caribbean travel, as chosen by the editorial team of the world’s leading Caribbean travel publication.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

— Alexander Britell, Editor and Publisher, Caribbean Journal