Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Taino Honour

girl holding up conch shell to sun rising
"Taino Honour" ©A. Derek Catalano 2023
Taino Honour

In the Bahamas, where the ocean meets the sky,
Lived the Taino people, beneath the sun's bright eye.
A land of turquoise waters and golden sands so fine,
Where the Taino's ancient spirits forever intertwine.

They were the first, the guardians of these tropical isles,
With hearts as vast as the sea, and gentle, knowing smiles.
In harmony with nature, they danced upon the shore,
A culture rich and vibrant, their traditions to explore.

Their homes were made of thatch, like birds they soared on high,
With names like "bohio," reaching for the endless sky.
In the shade of mighty palms, they gathered 'round to share,
Legends and stories, in the cool island air.

From cassava bread to yuca, their food was pure and sweet,
A feast of flavors, their gatherings a loving treat.
In reverence, they sang to the spirits of the land,
For the Taino knew, together, they'd make their stand.

With wisdom passed through generations, like the trade winds' gentle breeze,
They navigated the ocean, masters of the rolling seas.
Their canoes carved with care, from Mahogany so grand,
Guided them on journeys, to explore this wondrous land.

The Taino, a resilient people, their culture strong and true,
In the heart of the Bahamas, 'neath the sky's endless blue.
Though time has passed, their legacy remains,
In the whispers of the waves and the island's gentle strains.

So let us honour the Taino, their spirits ever near,
In the rhythm of the ocean, their memory we hold dear.
For the Bahamas' ancient guardians, in our hearts they'll stay,
As we celebrate their heritage, in the light of each new day.

AI Image - AI Image Generator ©A. Derek Catalano
Poem by ChatGPT AI Chat Bot
Prompted and tweaked by ©A. Derek Catalano