Thursday, July 4, 2024

I Don't Like Rum

Man on beach holding bottle of rum and smiling.

"Rum Love" - Bahamas AI art
 ©A. Derek Catalano
I Don't Like Rum
Rake 'n' Scrape song

I don't like rum, but rum like me,
It stick on me like a dog wit’ a flea
Listen to me people, now can’t you see
I don't like rum, but boy rum like me
I bin drinkin' rum for a long, long time
I drink so much rum, ya know it mus' be a crime
I was da smartest man in da whole country
Now I can' t'ink straight because, rum like me

Before I go to sleep, I take two shot or t’ree
I drink it erry mornin’ for my cup a tea
I use to work so hard, makin’ plenty money
Na I can’ keep a job because, rum like me
I hang out by da bar, scrappin’ all day long
Hustlin' rum money, for a drink real strong
When people look at me, dey don't like
what dey see
I say I look like dis because, rum like me

I see my bar room  friend, wit a bottle a rum
He walk right up to me, an’ say if I wan’ some
I cross my heart and tell him very honestly
I don’t like rum, but boy rum like me

Staggerin’ dan da road, ya know I don't live far
I fall down twice, an’ mos’ get lick wit’ car
Da driver put on brakes, an’ man I had ta flee
He say I don't like my life, but boy rum like me
I back home naa, an’ I take a seat
I look at da grits, but I een wan’ eat
I wish I had a woman, who I could marry
But I can’ like no woman, only rum like me

I try ta go ta sleep, but it so scary
I seein' little creatures, ‘cause I gat DTs
Thru da winda booga-man, under ‘neat’ one tree
Dis is how I live because, rum like me
Again dis mornin’, I say Lord no more
Den I drink my rum tea, an’ I hit da door
No care in da worl’, no responsibility
But I een really free because, rum like me

Rum is very dangerous, in are country
We need ta ban da rum, it killin’ all a we
But da leaders and da people, jess can’ agree
‘Cause rum like dem, jess how rum like me


derek catalano (c)2005.