Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Christmas in The Bahamas

"Tropical Christmas Centerpiece" - Bahamas AI art
©A. Derek Catalano
 Christmas in The Bahamas
 In The Bahamas, Christmas comes with delight,
A season of joy, hearts so light.
Families gather, friends unite,
Under the starry, Bahamian night.

Visiting kin, from far and near,
Warm embraces, full of cheer.
Gifts exchanged, with love sincere,
A time for laughter, a time to revere.

Through the streets, a car ride we go,
To marvel at lights, and decorations aglow.
Houses and shops adorned, a festive wake,
A symphony of colors, for goodness' sake!

Downtown Nassau, and the mall, we roam,
Shopping for treasures, to find a home.
Gifts wrapped in bows, ready to charm,
The spirit of giving, makes our hearts feel warm.

Bahamian Christmas dinner, a feast to savor,
Turkey and ham, a flavor to favor.
Peas and rice, get some, don't waver
Macaroni and potato salad, will all make you staver.

Tempting deserts so divine,
Banana and coconut cakes entwine.
Benny cake, a taste so fine,
Peanut brittle, a sweet design.

Fruit cakes and cookies, an array,
Delicious treats to end the day.
Filled with joy, in every way,
We celebrate Christmas, come what may.

To the Christmas carnival, a family's delight,
Rides like the Ferris wheel, soaring in flight.
Merry go round, a carousel's height,
Pirate ship swings, under the moonlight.

Games of skill and chance, laughter in the air,
A family outing, beyond compare.
Good times and excitement, we all share,
It's a fun place to visit, year after year.

Christmas parties, the night so alive,
A celebration where memories thrive.
Laughter echoes, as we jive,
In the Bahamian spirit, we all revive.

Then Boxing Day arrives, a Junkanoo parade,
Costumes ablaze, in colors arrayed.
Music and dance, the rhythm cascade,
Excitement in the air, a spectacle displayed.

Crowds cheer for their favorite band,
As Junkanoo echoes across the land.
Spectators enthralled, where they stand,
In The Bahamas, Christmas is grand.

As the night concludes, and stars softly gleam,
We journey back home, in a peaceful dream.
Sleep overtakes us, like a gentle stream,
In the warmth of family, our hearts beam.
 (c)A. Derek Catalano - Native Stew
ChatGPT AI using my prompts
and editing.