Thursday, August 12, 2021

Florence Stall

 Florence's fruit and vegetable roadside stall, west Bay. St., Nassau, Bahamas. Tourists love it.
I stopped by a while ago for a dozen dillys(sapodilla), one of my favourite native fruits. They were firm and sweet, perfect ripeness.

 Here we have (l-r) pumpkins, tangerines and 2 avocados on the table tops, more tangerines in a box, then boxes of red peppers, green sweet peppers, yellow goat peppers, more tangerines in a box with 2 cucumbers and a mango, ripe bananas leaning on the box and bananas hanging by the bunch.

On another table below we have containers of grits, and what looks like ground red hot peppers and salt, good for seasoning fish. There's a ripe pineapple, and containers of tamarind sauce, a sweet desert. In front are stacked sweet dilly's(sapodilla).

Over on the table on the right are homemade bottled tomatoes for use in cooking. Stop by when you visit us.