Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Spanish Wells Pass By



Passing by the Spanish Wells docks on the ferry. Spanish Wells is a small island and successful fishing community in The Bahamas situated in the north Eleuthera area. In the vid you will see small businesses, restaurants, fishing boats, the boat repair yards, the fish processing plant for exports and small quaint homes.

I was on my way to Harbour Is. but we first stopped in Spanish Wells for disembarking passengers. This is the working coast and harbour of Spanish Wells. There is a beautiful and relaxing white beach on the other side of the island. I lived there for one year in the early 80s and absolutely loved it.

I usually like to keep live the live sound when I make vids but the wind was beating on the mic and making an awful sound. So I muted the live audio track and replaced it with music, Junkanoo Merengue by The Lou Adams Orchestra from Nassau, Bahamas.(used by permission). I then added another seagull sound fx track.