Thursday, March 14, 2024

Future Nassau Dream

Futuristic Nassau island
"Future Nassau" - Bahamas AI art
©A. Derek Catalano
Future Nassau Dream

 by Derek Catalano

Last night I had a dream.

I had a dream that was truly out of this world.

I dream I bin to the future. Yea bey. The future Nassau in The Bahamas. Let me tell ya naa.
I was sleepin' dead good. All a sudden I wake up and I materialize right on a street corner in a place look like Nassau but things was kinda different. The street was made of steel wit no pot holes. Muddoe! An' nuttin' but clean, quiet electric cars everywhere. No air pollution or noise pollution,

And man it was hot, hot, hot, like a hundred degrees. I look aroun' an notice people wearin' reflective clothes and carryin' umbrellas. All dat to keep cool from global warmin'.

Then I see someone put dey hand up in the air and a flyin' car taxi come right down out da sky and land right dere in front a dem and dey hop in and gone. Purrsshhhh........ jess like dat!

I say ta masef, “Ya know what? I need to explore dis future island what look like Nassau kinda.”

So I put my hand up in da air and one a dem flyin' car taxi come down, the door open up and I hop in the back.

I was so shock when  I realize that dis flyin' car taxi een gat NO DRIVER!!!! What the......?!

Next I hear a mechanical voice ask, “What is your destination citizen?” I say "What? Who dat is?"

“I am your transport. What is your destination citizen?” I say "Jess fly. I wan' look roun'."

So we lift off.

Futuristic Nassau Bahamas

I saw wondrous things. Buildings and hotels made of crystal glass and chrome. Pastel colored, futuristic designed architecture of shops and homes all with solar panels. People walking and cycling on pathways of beautiful, clean, green spaces with colorful tropical flowers and birds.

I saw more steel surface streets and superhighways and multi-level overpasses with not a single piece of litter in sight. Unbelievable!

We flew over pristine, well kept beaches with robot lifeguards on duty and futuristic, streamlined yachts and powerboats.

I began to feel a lil hungry and told the flyin' car taxi I would like to get something to eat. The car replied that no restaurants were in this zone.

So we flew to a tower that had a teleport station. I entered the teleport chamber and another mechanical voice asked “What is your destination citizen?”

I replied "I need a restaurant", to which a holographic touch screen appeared in front of me with a list of the best places to eat. I tapped on the first one at the top.

In an instant I was teleported to a restaurant on top of another tower of gleaming gold and ivory. Wow!
Futuristic Nassau Bahamas

I sat down and a robot waiter rolled up to the table, handed me a menu and asked “What would you like to eat citizen?”

I ordered a nice crack conch an' fries cause I een use to dem fancy tings I see on the menu an' I wasn't takin' no chances roun' here.

When I finish I say "Gimme a Kalik Gold" to which the robot waiter replied, “They don't make that anymore citizen. What we have now is Super Kalik.”

I say "OK" and he, she, it, the robot bring me the beer in a thimble size paper cup. I 'most plop! But I drink it in one quick sip. It taste good and was super strong too. Muddoes!

The robot waiter then say “That will be $5,000 dollars for your meal and drink citizen.”

I scream “WHAT!!!!” an' I jump up and break off runnin'. I bust through the door with six robot waiters an' a robot security guard chasin' after me.

I start to run down a high pathway from the top of the tower way down to the ground. I glimpse back quick an' see the robots was on my heels and then they all jump at me. So I put on sudden brakes and duck down. All a dem miss me and gone straight over the edge an' fall straight down to da ground. All I hear is kaprang an' I jess keep runnin, till I reach the bottom and still keep runnin' scared.
Futuristic Nassau Bahamas

As I runnin' I put my hand up in the air again and one flyin' car taxi swoop right down next to me. I was doin' one hundred and the taxi doin' one hundred. Then the door open up and I make a quick jump straight inside.

“Where to citizen?”

I say "Bey I een no citizen from roun' here! Take me home now!"

“Where is home?”

"I een know! Jess fly straight up and fas'!"

I look down out the window as we left future Nassau and flew high almost into orbit. Then I noticed far off in the distance a familiar island home, Old Nassau! Yes!

I shout "Go there" to the taxi and before we reach good I open the door and jump out and dive straight in the sea and start swimmin' to shore.

Then I hear someone callin' my name far off in the distance. “Derek, Derek, Derek?”

I open my eyes an' my wife was standin' over me askin' me what da hell I doin' on the floor tryin' to swim?

I say “What happen?!!” She say all she hear is broogadum when I fall out da bed an' start swimmin' on the floor.

I say "Honey I jess had a dream that was truly out of dis world and I glad I back." 😊

©A. Derek Catalano - (No ChatGPT)