Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Bush Bar is open

The Bush Bar

Bush tea is ready and The Bush Bar is ready for you. Now offering a mix of flavourful blends.

Green tea: Energize
Red/Rooibos tea: Pain relief
White tea/Chamomile: Relax, sleep
Black tea: Skin, hair, general health
Bush tea: Healing

14 oz. bottles $5
1 gallon $40

Special Blends

Green tea with ginger
Chamomile tea with rosemary
Black Tea: Spiced or regular 

Bush Teas

Cerasee and aloe: Cleanse and heal
Pear leaf, Avocado leaf: Anti-bloating, Diuretic
Rosemary or mint tea: Mental support, Anti-gas

Contact Jamie
Ph: 1-242-553-6480
or 1-242-829-4050
Nassau, Bahamas.