Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Cerasee Pods

Close up of hanging Cerasee Pods

"Cerasee Pods" ⒸA. Derek Catalano

Cerasee - Caribbean Dictionary: "A vine bearing a small bumpy skinned yellow or orange fruit. The leaves are used to make a bitter herbal tea that is regarded for its medicinal and purgative properties." (source)

Cerasee is a popular bush medicine used here in The Bahamas.  The vine with the leaves are boiled and used as a hot tea. Taste like hell. A true test of bravery and courage. lol.

The photo shows the fruit of the cerasee plant. The pods are ripe when orange and may be eaten. Just break open the pod with your fingers and eat the fruit inside. If left on the vine the pod will eventually burst open by itself.

Strangely, unlike the bitter cerasee vine, the fruit are sweet and consist of a red, sweet skin over a small, flattish seed that you spit out.  I ate that one on the left. :)