Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Happy 50th Independence Day Bahamas

indigenous woman lifting up cocnh shell to the rising sun

The Bahamas celebrated it's 50th year of Independence on July 10th, 2023.

The Bahamas - 50 Years Of Progress

In the land of aquamarine seas and golden sun,
Where freedom's victory was bravely won,
Fifty years of progress, a nation's stride,
Bahamas' 50th Independence we joyfully rise.

In '67, PLP's triumph declared,
Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, revered and prepared,
The first Prime Minister, father of our land,
Leading us towards a future so grand.

With majority rule, a new era began,
Awakening hope, empowering every Bahamian,
In '73, Independence Night embraced,
Union Jack lowered, new flag raised.

At Clifford Park, a wondrous sight,
Thousands gathered, hearts filled with delight,
Dance, music, ceremony, fireworks, a vibrant show,
Portraying our heritage, fully aglow.

Timothy Gibson's anthem, a proud refrain,
Echoing through time, our nation's gain,
Rev. Dr. Philip Rahming's pledge, a solemn vow,
United we stand, our loyalty now.

Sir Milo Butler, first Bahamian Governor General,
A giant of a man, very powerful,
The Queen's representative, standing proud and tall,
With the common man, loved and respected by all.

A flag of aquamarine, gold, and black,
Symbolic hues, of deep meaning we back,
Aquamarine for the sea that surrounds,
Gold for the sun's warmth, forever abounds,
Black for strength, a united people's might,
Together we rise, conquering any fight.

Coat of arms created, symbols held dear,
The blue marlin, and pink flamingo, ever near,
Forward, onward, upward together,
Emblematic words, our people's tether.

Yellow elder, our national flower's bloom,
Lignum vitae, our tree, sturdy and groomed,
New constitution, guiding our way,
Shaping a Bahamas to flourish every day.

Yet opposition lingered, voices raised,
Against independence, some were phased,
But progress prevailed, and we charted our course,
With determination, our collective force.

From that first Independence Day to now,
We've grown and prospered, a resilient vow,
Economy soaring, tourism apace,
Business ownership, all Bahamians embrace.

Our culture, vibrant, echoes far and wide,
In sports, we conquer, with passion and pride,
A free, progressive, and liberal nation,
Where equal rights and opportunity find elation.

Fifty years of independence we proclaim,
Jubilation and ceremonies, our hearts aflame,
Honoring Bahamians who paved the way,
In our great Bahamaland, dreams become reality every day.

Forward, onward, upward we stride,
As one people, standing tall with pride,
Into eternity, our spirits lifted, we forge ahead,
New frontiers beckon, marching onward we tread.

AI Image - AI Image Generator ©A. Derek Catalano
Poem by ChatGPT AI Chat Bot
Prompted and tweaked by ©A. Derek Catalano