Wednesday, January 13, 2021

NIB extends verification grace period for verifications to July 1, 2021

The National Insurance Board, is pleased to advise that approval has been granted to extend the grace period for long term benefit verifications as follows:
•    1st July, 2021 for all persons aged 60 and over (all benefits, including retirement benefit) and all persons on invalidity and disability benefits who live in the Bahamas;
•    31st March, 2021 for all persons under the age of 60 who are receipt of Survivors Benefits; and
•    31st March, 2021 for all long term beneficiaries who reside overseas.

Persons who have had a change in circumstance that impacts their continued eligibility for the long term benefit should continue to notify NIB via email ( as soon as possible (ie. Change in marital status, children no longer enrolled in school, increase in incomes beyond the allowed levels, etc).  Read more >>