Friday, January 8, 2021

Davis: ‘PLP campaign has begun’

CAMPAIGNING HAS BEGUN – Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Philip ‘Brave’ Davis says the party has begun its campaign for the 2022 General Election. (PHOTO: BARBARA WALKIN)

FN Reporter Jaimie Smith

“We are looking for persons who understand that the role of a Member of Parliament is to serve and we are looking for persons that have had a history of service in the community. That is what we want.”

So, stated Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, following the conclusion of the two-day aspirant interviews in Grand Bahama Monday and Tuesday (January 4 and 5).

“We want them to appreciate and understand that. We have to assess that understanding; they are there for the people and not for their own personal agendas. We are looking for persons that are competent, courageous who think outside of the box and are able to execute and who will understand and will appreciate the philosophies and ideologies of the party,” Davis added. “That is, to lift the people up. More importantly by doing this, they will have to be a team player.

“We are not looking for persons that are into this for their own selfish purposes and selfish agendas. This is about teamwork and we are here to serve. We are looking for people that appreciate that.”

Davis noted that the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) 2022 General Election campaign has already begun.  Read more >>