Monday, January 4, 2021

Broughton Family Reach Out To Help Those In Need

Johanna, Francesca and Richard Broughton.


WHILE the COVID-19 pandemic brought lots of bad news and tragedy this year, it was also a time for the spirit of goodwill to shine.

With thousands of people losing their jobs due to business shutdowns and travel restrictions, the need for food and other supplies was great. Many of those who were fortunate to still have jobs and an income took it upon themselves to help where they could.

Attorneys Richard and Lucia Broughton and their children were some of those people. They rolled up their sleeves during the pandemic and assisted those in need.

The Tribune contacted Mrs Broughton to speak with her about her charitable deeds, but she had to be convinced as she said they preferred their good deeds to remain out of the limelight.  Read more >>