Thursday, January 7, 2021

Bahamas E-commerce Advisory Board announces $2500 grant

Edison Sumner (BIS Photos/Kristaan Ingraham)

ZNS Bahamas

The e-commerce and technology industries are billion-dollar sectors globally, employing millions of creative professionals and changing the course and structure of financial services.

Chairman of the E-commerce Advisory of the Bahamas Edison Sumner says that it is against this backdrop that they are keen on providing grants and opportunities to tech hubs and entrepreneurs.

“We established a technology and innovations grant to support those SME’s (small and medium enterprise) throughout the country to assist them in areas.

“Whether they wish to establish an ecommerce platform or a digital payments gateway or developing a website or something of that nature where these companies are able to employ innovative technological initiatives in their businesses… or to employ some innovative ideas to cause the business to grow.

“So, we have put aside some support for those kinds of businesses, SME’s particularly” he said.

Sumner explains that the funding is even more significant as the Bahamas prepares to become a tech hub.  Read more >>