Thursday, December 3, 2020

You're more likely to die early if you have any of these habits


Health Digest

To prevent an early death, you already know you should stay away from tobacco and try to limit the cupcakes. Even if you've never smoked or binge-ate, you are at least aware that they are habits that can shave years off of your life. Your doctor, your mom, and a bunch of public service television commercials have all made that explicitly clear. And you probably won't be super surprised to hear that there are other habits that can take years off of your life, too — you know, like binge-watching Netflix (or, uh, watching public service commercials?).

Some of these, though, are habits that your doctor, your mom, and the people who wrote the scripts for those commercials neglected to warn you about, maybe because they are just as oblivious to the dangers as you are. In fact, after you've gotten through this list you might be tempted to give up a few more habits. Here's a look at just a few of the things you're probably doing that can send you into an early grave. You're welcome.  Read more >>