Sunday, December 20, 2020

Matt Hancock warns mutant Covid strain is 'out of control'

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News that the new strain of coronavirus is 'out of control' in Tier 4 areas of England.

Jack Maidment
Daily Mail News

Matt Hancock today warned the new mutant strain of coronavirus is 'out of control' as he suggested draconian Tier 4 restrictions could be in place 'until we have the vaccine rolled out'. 

The Health Secretary said people in Tier 4 areas should behave as if they are infected in order to combat the new variant of the disease which spreads quicker than its predecessor. 

Mr Hancock said the new strain can be caught 'more easily from a smaller amount of the virus being present' as he confirmed areas subject to the toughest restrictions are likely to be in the top tier for the long haul.  Read more >>