Saturday, December 19, 2020

Covid Ambassadors Now Active Throughout Eleuthera

(L-R): Standing next to one of the new Covid Ambassador vehicles on island are – Administrator for South Eleuthera, Gregory Knowles; Administrator for Central Eleuthera, Brenda Colebrook; Administrator-in-Training, Millie Dawkins; and Chief Superintendent Stephen Adderley – Royal Bahamas Police Force.

The Eleutheran

Thirteen new Covid ambassadors were trained in Eleuthera during a two-day session on Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th, 2020, via live zoom presentations by facilitators in New Providence.  The group, whose responsibilities include the enforcement of current Covid-19 regulations – through the dissemination of tickets to members of the public for infractions – were hosted at the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Headquarters in Governor’s Harbour.

The newly trained ambassadors were posted throughout the north, central and south Eleuthera districts by Tuesday, December 1st, according to Officer In Charge of The Eleutheras, Chief Superintendent Stephen Adderley.  The new Covid ambassadors, he said, are all local people, selected from each community to play a part in the enforcement of Covid regulations within their various communities – and ensure that people are adhering to those regulations.

Vehicles specifically for this initiative arrived on island during late October, informed the Ch/Supt., saying, “The Prime Minister in his speech during October spoke about Covid ambassadors, and the first installment of ambassadors were selected and trained in Nassau for New Providence, and now they are effectively doing their job.  Eleuthera was promised likewise, so the last installment of vehicles [for Eleuthera] were received on Oct 29th, 2020.  We now have three vehicles, and those vehicles will be distributed with one being in the north, the other in the central area, and another in the south.”  Read more >>