Friday, December 4, 2020

Bahamas Feeding Network Tells Royal Caribbean ‘We could not have done this without you’

Michael Bayley pledges year long committment to Philip Smith of BFN

ZNS Bahamas

Even for Philip Smith, the executive director of the Bahamas Feeding Network, the latest donation was hard to believe – a cheque from Royal Caribbean that would feed 38,000 individuals, making this year’s total contribution to the feeding program more essential than ever before in the wake of growing hunger as a result of pandemic-related unemployment and lay-offs.

“With cruise operations halted in mid-March, we would not have been surprised if support for the Bahamas Feeding Network was put on hold or cancelled,” said Smith. “I think it speaks volumes about Royal Caribbean’s corporate culture and its commitment to The Bahamas that somehow our partner found a way to keep support for the feeding program alive.”

Bayley and team were introduced to the Feeding Network in early 2018 when they visited Moseff House, the transformed humble Fox Hill cottage-turned-assembly line kitchen run by volunteers. Bayley saw the work – and the need – firsthand.  Read more >>