Tuesday, November 3, 2020

What Travel Advisors Should Know About Bahamas Tourism Right Now

Bahamas coast from Baha Mar. (photo by Brian Major)

Brian Major
Travel Pulse

The Bahamas has long been an easy visit for Americans, fewer than three hours by air from most East Coast cities. Yet as with every other aspect of life following the COVID-19 pandemic, visitation to the territory has grown more complex.

Bahamas travelers are now obligated to complete a growing layer of required health and safety measures before they can access the archipelago’s attractions. Your Bahamas-bound clients must contend with a full menu of new protocols and procedures prior to accessing the beaches, historic attractions, craft shops and vendors and distinctive local cuisine found across the territory’s tourist districts.

The good news is that after completing the pre- and point-of-entry protocols, travelers will not be restricted to their resort or hotel properties as in some other warm-weather destinations and will be free to venture across the territory. Here are the things travel advisors should know prior to sending their clients off on Bahamas vacations.  Read more >>