Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The governor-general approved state of public emergency in Bahamas


WIC News

Nassau, Bahamas — Under Article 29 on the constitution, the governor-general CA Smith yesterday approved a new announcement of a state of public emergency in The Bahamas, the third such announcement after the start of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in mid-March.

The proclamation reads “…And whereas COVID-19 has continued in The Bahamas since March 2020, and remains to live in The Bahamas; and whereas COVID-19 has not affected over 7,000 persons and has made over 150 deaths in The Bahamas; and whereas scientific and medical experts have advised that COVID-19 is expected to endure as a pandemic in several parts of the world, including The Bahamas, for the foreseeable future till a vaccine is available for broad public distribution; and whereas I am convinced that due to the appearance of COVId-19 in The Bahamas and the expected continuance of the behaviour of COVID-19 in The Bahamas for the foreseeable future, a state of public emergency remains to exist in The Bahamas.’

It continues: “Now since, I, the Most Honourable Cornelius Alvin Smith, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, in the application of the powers conferred upon me by Article 29 (1)(b) of the specific constitution of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas hereby declare that: with impact from the 24th day of November 2020, a state of public emergency exists in The Bahamas; this proclamation of emergency shall continue for a period of fourteen days unless extended by each House of Parliament by resolution continuing it in force for a further period as provided in Article 29(5) of the constitution.”

In a statement, Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis stated the Progressive Liberal Party does not support the new proclamation and will “refuse to allow the thing to be debated tomorrow in the House and will not waive the notice requirement.

Davis said: “The issue of the proclamation is an abuse of power.
“Civil liberties have been suspended long enough and we say the suspension must end and go no farther.”  (source)