Sunday, November 8, 2020

'Robot soldiers could make up quarter of British army by 2030s'

 Investment in robot warfare at heart of UK’s planned five-year defence review.

Gen Sir Nick Carter: ‘I’m saying [major world conflict] is a risk and we need to be conscious of those risks.’ Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA 

Dan Sabbagh
The Guardian

Thirty thousand “robot soldiers” could form an integral part of the British army in the 2030s, working alongside humans in and around the frontline, the head of the armed forces said in a television interview on Sunday.

Gen Sir Nick Carter said the armed forces needed “to think about how we measure effects in a different way” – and he called on the government to proceed with the previously promised five--year integrated defence review.

Speaking to Sky News on the morning of Remembrance Sunday, the chief of the defence staff suggested that “an armed forces that’s designed for the 2030s” could include large numbers of autonomous or remotely controlled machines.  Read more >>