Monday, November 9, 2020

Researchers found a new coronavirus mutation that’s capable of sparking another pandemic

A medical worker in a protective suit is shown taking a swab for a coronavirus test. Image source: Microgen/Adobe

Chris Smith, BGR

The government of Denmark shocked the world a few days ago when it announced it would slaughter as many as 17 million minks in the country, effectively destroying the entire mink fur industry in the country.

The officials opted for this radical option because of the novel coronavirus, as the pathogen developed a potentially dangerous mutation inside the captive mink population. Reports from the country said that the mutated coronavirus has already infected at least 12 people.

Researchers are worried that the new strain might be so dangerous that it could effectively render the current COVID-19 vaccine candidates useless. A new report now delivers more troublesome news, as some researchers think that the mutated coronavirus strain has pandemic potential. Others, meanwhile, are calling for calm.  Read more >>