Saturday, November 21, 2020

Rate of covid 19 cases drop’s to nine percent in Bahamas


NASSAU, BAHAMAS: As increases with 75 per cent in the recovery rate of corona cases in the Bahamas, daily COVID-19 positivity flow drops to the nine per cent. This is the first surge of cases during the second wave in the last several months.

The data which is gathered by the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19, the whole of 279 tests were made on Wednesday out of which 25 were tested positive after this put the COVID-19 positivity rate at 9.19 per cent.

A Erin Bromage, a comparative immunologist at the University of Massachusetts, said that if we do fair testing and tracing take place when test rates remain around five per cent or lower for two weeks.

In September, The Bahamas’ positivity rate was at 25 per cent. In total, 40,840 tests have been produced.

If we see the breakdown of new cases in the term of gender, the number of women contracted the virus is almost double then men.

There have been 163 confirmed deaths. Twenty-one deaths remain under examination.

New Providence continues has risen in corona cases with 5,426.

Grand Bahama and Abaco follow with 949 and 190 respectively.

There are 143 cases on Eleuthera, 100 cases on Exuma, 76 on Bimini and Cat Cay, 45 on the Berry Islands, 19 on Andros, 11 on Long Island, eight on Cat Island, seven on Acklins, six on Crooked Island, three on Mayaguana and 346 cases with unknown locations.

Prime Minister of Bahamas Dr Hubert Minnis has imposed new restrictive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on Exuma. He is also hoping that situation will come in control.

Restrictive measures, inclusive of weekday and weekend curfews, remain in place on Abaco, New Providence, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera.

Earlier this month, the prime minister said The Bahamas is emerging out of the second wave of the virus.  (source)