Sunday, November 8, 2020

Over-the-Hill Community Development Partnership Initiative In Neighbourhood Outreach

Bahamas National

Nassau, The Bahamas - The Over the Hill Community Development Partnership Initiative (OTHCDPI) is keeping to its mandate of community outreach and development activity, aimed at enhancing the lives of residents in the zoned areas.

On October 28, 2020 the Over-the-Hill team joined in a walkabout in Mason's Addition with members of the Central Police Station Community, Neighborhood & School Policing division, and the National Neighborhood Watch Council.

Mrs. Samita Ferguson, Executive Manager of the Over-the-Hill Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister, underscored the importance of the collaborative effort.

“The walkabout was fruitful, as it gave each an opportunity to meet with residents in the area, hear concerns and also pass out vital information that would be beneficial for the community.  Read more >>