Monday, November 9, 2020

Opposition leader Philip Davis: Worried the PM is making the same mistakes again


Leader of the Opposition
Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Q.C. M.P.
The Progressive Liberal Party
The Competent Authority Congratulates Himself,
Warns Bahamians Restrictions Will Return When Cases Rise,
Leaves Business Community Facing Uncertainty
On Sunday evening, the “Competent” Authority took credit for a decline in COVID cases, while failing to disclose that the number of tests conducted daily has also fallen.

Yesterday, The Bahamas conducted 345 tests. Experts at the Harvard Global Health Institute recommend a daily minimum of 600 or more tests for a population our size.

Everyone is relieved that some of the restrictions are lifted – for this week, at least. But it is only because the “Competent” Authority’s July reopening plan was weak and full of holes that lockdowns and curfews were required in the first place.

He wants praise for lifting restrictions, but no scrutiny about why they were needed.

The “Competent” Authority did not have a strong testing, tracing and isolation policy in place, and a few cases predictably turned into a few thousand. Many of our Caribbean neighbors have fared much better.

He is much more comfortable admonishing Bahamians about their behavior, and much less inclined to examine his own.  Read more >>