Monday, November 30, 2020

Opposition Leader: I support “environmentally friendly” oil drilling

Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis

Ava Turnquest
Eyewitness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday reaffirmed his support of oil drilling in The Bahamas under the caveat it is done in an “environmentally friendly” manner.

Davis, QC, told Eyewitness News that he still supports the agreement struck with the Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) to exploit the natural resource for the benefit of the Bahamian people – if it is found to exist.

The deal has never been made public; however, Davis said he believes the government should fully disclose its details due to the sensitive and sensational nature of oil drilling.

His support comes amid mounting environmental concerns and threat of legal action as a drillship makes its way to the country.  Read more >>