Friday, November 6, 2020

New AOPA pilot guides inform Bahamas, Caribbean getaways

 A relaxing, socially distanced getaway to the Bahamas or the Caribbean—with beautiful beaches and warm temperatures—could do wonders for the soul.

AOPA's 2021 Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot Guides include coronavirus-related travel procedures as well as information about airports and things to do at your destination. Photo by Chris Rose.

AOPA ePublishing

To help you start planning your trip, AOPA has expanded its 2021 AOPA Pilot Guides for the Bahamas and the Caribbean to include coronavirus-related travel procedures in addition to airport- and destination-specific information. Both guides include a list of COVID-19 resources such as information about quick-turnaround PCR testing sites.

The Bahamas guide includes information for 57 airports, and the Caribbean guide covers 106 airports.

According to AOPA’s travel guides page, the comprehensive books include “maps with airport data and the layout of each island, Customs & Immigration information, and much more. Plus, you get info on the local culture, customs, the best way to get around while you’re there, what the food is like, and tips and suggestions from other pilots for where to stay and fun things to do.”  Read more >>