Thursday, November 26, 2020

Friends of the Environment - Thankful!!! for your support and a Learning Centre Matching Challenge!

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How Can We Help?
Dear Readers,

We have some wonderful news to share! We are grateful to have received an amazing grant from GlobalGiving to set a matching challenge. Every donation that we receive before December 31st, will be matched, up to $100,000! Will you help us match, meet, and raise what we need to make it to the next step in our journey to rebuild our Learning Centre? 

A couple weeks after Hurricane Dorian hit, FRIENDS’s entire staff converged in Nassau and made a game plan for how we could help. The early days were confusing, depressing, hectic, and overall challenging. In the face of it all we knew that we could take control of the present and work to ensure that our remaining facility (the Frank Kenyon Centre) could continue to serve as a base for relief groups like Team Rubicon and Samaritan’s Purse. We made connections to assist with aid and in getting the word out about Abaco’s situation.

Fast forward to today and we’ve made it through two hurricane seasons and part of a pandemic. Our work plan did not look like the one we planned in our Fall 2018 Board Retreat, yet we have stuck to our mission and helped put our community in a better place than it was last year. Now that Abaco has made it through the “disaster” and hit the “recovery” phase we find ourselves asking the same question: how best can we help?

Now is the time to rebuild. To put our community systems and structure back into place. To stabilize what is in our power to stabilize. For FRIENDS’ part, that means rebuilding and revitalizing our campus. Returning to the centre of learning and helping young Abaconians become environmental leaders and change makers. We see what the rest of the community is doing, and we aim to meet you. And dare we say, raise that bet? 

GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization that connects other non-profits with companies and donors. In building relationships they help trusted community-led organizations access the tools, training, and support needed to make the world a better place. When responding to disaster, GlobalGiving works to shift decision-making power to crises-affected communities through trust-based grant making and support”. “Friends of the Environment is a valuable anchor in the community, providing necessary leadership in sustainability and environmental education" said Donna Callejon, Executive Lead for GlobalGiving’s Disaster Response team. “They are a great example of a non-profit working for the greater good of Abaco, and ultimately The Bahamas.”

Let’s double down together and further our commitment to a healthy environment and healthy communities in Abaco.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the way forward together.


Olivia Patterson Maura
Deputy Director
A New Learning Centre
FRIENDS is working along with Link Lab and Homebound (Bahamas) to craft a thoughtful and sustainable design for our new Learning Centre that will enable us to continue and enhance our environmental education services for the community. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or would like more information on our draft plans.
Draft Learning Centre plans
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