Saturday, November 21, 2020

Extended Visa Program Update

Yamacraw MP Elsworth Johnson

ZNS Bahamas

The country is seeing a heightened interest from the international community over the government’s recently launched extended stay visa program.

Vigorous screening protocols and measures are being beefed up at the country’s immigration department for visitors seeking to do business and stay in the Bahamas for an extended period. Minister of Immigration the Hon. Elsworth Johnson providing an update to ZNS news on the extended visa initiative.

“We’ve gone cashless in the immigration department. We are at the point now where we are trying our best to create an environment where if you make an application to the immigration department, you can do it from your home or from your job, that’s how it should be done” he said.

“And then in order to iron out the kinks, we have started a mystery shopper program that is ongoing in the department right now.  Read more >>