Monday, November 30, 2020

Are Travelers Ready for a Digital Health Passport?

American Airlines Airbus A319 over Miami. (photo via Boarding1Now/iStock Editorial/Getty Images Plus)

Rich Thomaselli
Travel Pulse

As the International Air Transport Association (IATA) moves forward with plans for an app that will enable flyers to display their COVID-19 status at airports, be forewarned.

If you thought the wearing of face masks was a civil liberties issue, this could be even more difficult to navigate among the flying public.

It’s known as a digital passport and it would provide airlines with information on whether a passenger is free of COVID-19 and whether they have been vaccinated when the inoculations become available next month. In turn, the aviation industry hopes it will instill confidence in travelers to fly again, particularly international travel and business travel, the two sectors hardest-hit by the virus.  Read more >>