Friday, November 20, 2020

‘A new proclamation of emergency could trigger legal action’

 Damian Gomez

Jasper Ward
The Nassau Guardian

Former Minister of State for Legal Affairs Damian Gomez, QC, predicted yesterday that the government would be the subject of litigation if a new proclamation of emergency is issued by the governor general when the current proclamation expires at the end of December.

“I think they’ll start to see litigation at that point,” Gomez told The Nassau Guardian.

When asked if he would join such litigation, he replied, “Yes. I’m already assisting Mr. [Wayne] Munroe and his justice league who is monitoring the situation with the view of issuing a writ.”

Gomez added, “My view of it is, firstly, you should only use states of emergency sparingly. Doing it repeatedly undermines the perception of the country as a country governed by laws and freedoms.

“When you add to that that the Cabinet loses its authority because the authority is vested in one man, the competent authority, who is the prime minister, that actually exacerbates the problem. Probably, if more persons were looking at the problem with responsibility for whatever they did, the mistakes which have been made would have been avoided.”  Read more >>