Saturday, October 3, 2020

Wells: No one will be forced to take COVID vaccine

 Minister of Health Renward Wells

The Nassau Guardian

Minister of Health Renward Wells said the government has spent $250,000 so far to source a COVID-19 vaccine through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and added that no one will be forced to take it once it becomes available.

“PAHO will not only assist The Bahamas to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine but seeks to do so for each and every country in the entire Caribbean community and the region of the Americas,” Wells said during a Ministry of Health press conference on Friday.

“No matter what vaccine is recommended by PAHO or any other organization, Bahamians residents are to be assured that the vaccines will be subject to all appropriate trials approved by notable agencies and will be available to Bahamians who wish to take the vaccine.

“I wish to emphasize that a COVID-19 vaccine will not be forced on anyone who does not wish to take it.”  Read more >>