Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Virtual classes halted by technical issues

Doris Johnson student Rickai Roker attempts to access the Ministry of Education’s Virtual Learning Portal yesterday. Teachers and students experienced difficulties using the new interface on the first day of virtual classes yesterday. TORRELL GLINTON

Italia Clarke
The Nassau Guardian

Many public school students, teachers and parents were geared up yesterday to begin their first day back to school with virtual learning on New Providence only to find out that the main portal system was experiencing major challenges, preventing students from logging onto their classes.

“It showed that people logged in the classes and logged out,” said Philip Fernander, whose son attends Anatol Rodgers High School.

“Then, after that, the site started to shut down. It started reading a 504 error on the page, so every so often when you try to get on again, it allowed you to get on but it took long uploading and then at the same time when you finally got on and you tried to go in the classes again, you would see nobody.”

Denise Major, a mother of two, said she will not be taking any chances with her 12th grade child as this year will be crucial for him.

“At this point, I have decided to take it on because I have no faith in the system,” Major said.  Read more >>