Monday, October 12, 2020

UK at ‘tipping point’ for second national lockdown as hospitals ‘fill up’.

A second national lockdown remains a ‘possibility’, a scientist has said (Picture: Getty Images)

Lucy Middleton
Metro News

The UK could enter a second national lockdown, with the government facing some ‘very difficult choices’ in the coming weeks, a scientist has said.

Professor Peter Horby, who is chairman of the new and emerging respiratory virus threats advisory group (Nervtag), told Andrew Marr that the country is in a ‘precarious position’ due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, hospital admissions and deaths.

He said a second lockdown could be a ‘possibility’, adding that the UK will ‘have to do what we can to avoid that at all costs’.

The University of Oxford professor went on: ‘We are already seeing in some parts of the north that some hospitals are starting to see the pressure. We have a doubling time of about eight to 15 days so it is not long before those ICU beds could be full and we could be in a really difficult situation.

‘So I am afraid we are going to have to make some very difficult choices and act very quickly.’  Read more >>