Friday, October 9, 2020

‘This thing has come to take us out’


Candia Dames
The Nassau Guardian

Prominent Abaco pastor and veteran broadcaster Silbert Mills is appealing to religious leaders and Bahamians in general to take COVID-19 seriously after he said he almost died while experiencing severe symptoms related to the novel coronavirus.

Mills said his illness and that of a deacon at his church, Friendship Tabernacle, manifested after a September 1 service to remember the victims of Hurricane Dorian on the first anniversary of the storm’s passing.

“That service was an open service where we did have social distancing and we did exercise the necessary precautions,” he said on Facebook Live.

Mills said during the service he called his deacon up for a closing prayer.

He said that not long after the service, the deacon called him and advised that he did not feel well.

“I prayed with him and then couple days later I felt a cough coming on,” he said, adding that he contacted the island’s doctor after becoming uneasy.  Read more >>