Friday, October 2, 2020

The historic hurricane season isn't over yet: The 24th named storm is likely in the next few days

Potential areas of tropical development being monitored 01:31

By Allison Chinchar
CNN Meteorologist

(CNN) - The Atlantic hurricane season has exhausted the English alphabet and now is working on the Greek alphabet.

A system moving north toward the Yucat√°n Peninsula and west of Cuba is likely to become the 24th named storm of the season. The system is not very strong now, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has given it a 70% chance of developing into a named storm in the next five days.

If the system does get named it will become Tropical Storm Gamma, the third letter in the Greek alphabet. The NHC has resorted to using the Greek alphabet for only the second time in recorded history because the original list of 21 names has been used this season.

Atlantic hurricane season has already been very active, but it's not over yet. Technically the season does not end until November 30, but some years storms have continued well after that.  Read more >>