Friday, October 9, 2020

Party’s Over: Police Blame Youngsters For Problems Caused At Illegal Lockdown Events

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle

Tribune Staff Reporter

POLICE Commissioner Paul Rolle said his officers will be out in full force to enforce new COVID-19 restrictions, as he revealed that officers have faced challenges recently with young people hosting parties.

A weekend lockdown takes effect today at 7pm until 5am Tuesday. Businesses – including food stores and pharmacies – have been ordered to close during this period and people will only be allowed to leave their homes if they are deemed an essential worker. In person worship is allowed at a church for one hour on Saturday and Sunday.

“I would want to encourage residents... abide by these rules,” Commissioner Rolle said.

“The lockdown takes effect 7pm on Friday and we will be out, the police will be out, ensuring compliance with it, and so we are asking people to just abide. In recent weeks we’ve been having a lot of challenges with young people in particular having social gatherings and parties.

“I want to say to them, not to do that. If we find that happening, we’ll be taking a more stiffer approach with those persons who seek to defy those orders.”  Read more >>