Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nurses sick-out

 Amancha Williams

The Nassau Guardian

More than 200 nurses called in sick at health facilities across The Bahamas yesterday, according to Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU) President Amancha Williams.

Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) Managing Director Catherine Weech told The Nassau Guardian that 29 nurses called in at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and Sandilands Rehabilitation Center.

Weech said services at the facilities continued “nonetheless”.

Consultant Physicians Staff Association (CPSA) President Dr. Sabriquet Pinder-Butler said there was a delay in the delivery of services at PMH.

“I think, by and large, there was a general slowing of the process of normal things that would happen in our healthcare institutions,” she said.

“Certainly, with us already having a nursing challenge prior, the impact would have been felt.”  Read more >>