Friday, October 9, 2020

Hit the seas and go sailing in the breathtaking Bahamas

The Bahamas offers everything you could dream of in a vacation destination, and so much more...

Mia Russell
The South African

Gin-clear, turquoise waters bathed in bright sunlight, tropical islands fringed with white, sandy beaches and swaying coconut-laden palm trees, laid-back beach bars with shaggy thatch roofs serving colourful rum cocktails… the Bahamas are nothing less than idyllic and there is no better way to experience them than on a languid sailing vacation. 

Scattered across 500 miles of some of the most spectacular waters on earth like dabs of paint on an artists’ palette, the islands of the Bahamas form an archipelago that lies just north of Cuba and east of Florida.

Made up of 700 islands and countless coves, cays, and secluded bays, the Bahamas are not only home to a quarter of the earth’s coral that teems with spectacular tropical fish and myriad marine life, but picturesque villages that ooze traditional West Indies charm and friendly, welcoming locals — quite simply — paradise found.  Read more >>