Friday, October 9, 2020

High-profile lockdown breachers fuel Israeli mistrust

Israeli anti-government protesters demonstrate against an unpopular coronavirus lockdown reportedly violated by high-profile figures.

Michael Blum and Alexandra Vardi

Public anger has deepened in Israel over a bitterly unpopular second coronavirus lockdown after reported violations by high-profile figures, including a hairdresser visiting the prime minister's wife.

Israel, which currently has one of the world's highest Covid-19 infection rates per capita, has re-imposed draconian movement restrictions, with people compelled to remain within a kilometre (less than a mile) of their homes.

Only essential workers are allowed to leave their residences, adding further stress to an already battered economy, while Jews have been barred from gathering with friends and family over the High Holidays.

A spokesman for the family of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his wife's decision to summon a hairdresser to their official residence, saying it was part of her efforts to contain the virus.  Read more >>