Monday, October 19, 2020

From Bain Town to Spring Hill, Alabama

“Education to me is my way out of poverty.” - Carmetta Barry

Carmetta Barry, who grew up in Bain Town, New Povidence, Bahamas, worked hard to obtain excellent grades, which landed her scholarships to Spring Hill College in Alabama.

Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall)

Whenever she returns to The Bahamas from college, she heads to Dumping Ground Corner in the heart of Bain Town. That’s home. She is the perfect example that there are so many good, positive, focused young people living over the hill, despite the way the area continues to be portrayed.

Carmetta Barry is one of the brightest young minds of our country. And because of her brilliance, she is currently on scholarships, studying towards a dual degree in Economics and Engineering at Spring Hill College in Alabama.  Read more >>