Friday, October 2, 2020

10 facts about school reopenings in the Covid-19 pandemic

 Schools across America have opened their doors. Here’s how it’s going so far.

 Students in a second grade class at Weaverville Elementary School on the first day of returning to in-person instruction on August 17, 2020, in Weaverville, California. Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Anna North, Vox

America’s largest school district, New York City, brought some 300,000 students back for in-person learning on Tuesday, even as Covid-19 rates in the city began to tick up. Meanwhile, schools in Miami announced a return to fully in-person learning this month, after a disastrous rollout of online education earlier in the fall. Then there are schools from Kentucky to New Jersey that have switched from in-person to remote learning in recent weeks due to Covid-19 cases.

Like everything about the response to the coronavirus in America, school reopenings have been a patchwork, with states and districts each following their own guidelines — some informed by public health guidance, some less so. As millions of Americans try to make decisions about their children’s education, or their own work as teachers or school staff, they face a terrifying lack of information: There’s no nationwide data on the number of Covid-19 cases in K-12 schools.

Still, we are starting to get a picture — or perhaps a rough sketch — of what education looks like in this time — helped along largely by data collection efforts by the New York Times and the Covid-19 School Response Dashboard.  Read more >>