Friday, September 4, 2020

What the future of conferences could look like

Conferences bring large groups of people together to exchange ideas, network and do business. How can the industry ride out the Covid-19 era?

By Chris Stokel-Walker

In mid-March, the 2020 PROMAX Europe conference was due to take place in Madrid, right as Spain locked down its entire country. As virus cases climbed, the annual entertainment-marketing conference - with its 500 attendees, 300 hotel rooms and £400,000 ($524,000) cost - was put on hold. The postponement meant “that all of the tickets, all of the purchases, all of the speakers and all of the production commitments had to be put on ice, or at least kind of mothballed for the time being”, says Lester Mordue, the conference’s director.

Now, despite organisers’ hopes to resume later in the year, PROMAX isn’t taking place in 2020 – at least not in person. It’s just one example of the massive pause on the global conference industry in the wake of Covid-19.  Read more >>