Monday, September 7, 2020

Mulan Opens to Strong Theatrical Box Office Numbers Overseas

While industry sources suspect that Disney+'s exclusive streaming sales for Mulan hurt its revenue, Mulan's conquering the box-office overseas.

By Cass Clarke

While Disney has yet to report its Disney+ earnings -- or losses -- on their exclusive streaming sales of Mulan, the film's international box office sales brought in a strong $5.9M in revenue this weekend from Croatia, Czech Republic, the Middle East, Slovakia, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Mulan also debuted #1 at the box office in Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and Thailand.

According to Deadline, Niko Caro's Mulan received "the largest opening weekend to date in Singapore and Thailand" and also premiered second at the box office in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. It's worth adding that in the markets that Mulan performed well, all of them but Taiwan are currently observing seating capacity restrictions. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, theaters overseas reduced seating capacity by a "30%-50% range" this weekend, which has likely impacted Mulan's ability to gain revenue internationally and as quickly as other film releases have done in prior summers.  Read more >>