Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Marijuana Bust Nets $3.4m Cargo

Photos: Shawn Hanna/Tribune staff

The Tribune

A JOINT operation with police, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, US Coast Guard and other American agencies led to the seizure of more than $3m worth of marijuana Monday.

The seizure came after drug runners led police on a high seas chase that ended off the coast of Exuma, leaving one officer in hospital with injuries after the suspects “rammed” into the police’s boat with their vessel.

Subsequently, a suspect was shot by police.

Acting on information, the joint operation was launched after 1am Monday.

A team was conducting surveillance along the Ragged Island chain, when they came upon a speed boat with four occupants on board, police said.

The vessel was asked to stop, however the captain failed to comply and a chase followed.  Read more >>