Thursday, September 10, 2020

How To Stay Covid-Safe As We All Start Socialising More Indoors

Plate up food in the kitchen, ditch the sofa and resist those hugs, say experts.
Monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

By Rachel Moss

When the sun was shining, it wasn’t difficult to have a socially-distanced social life, with a park or beer garden as the backdrop. But now, as autumn closes in, we’re starting to head inside – just as UK Covid-19 cases are rising.

Earlier this week, Dr Ben Neuman, an associate professor at the University of Reading, said the move indoors “may not be likely to drive up Covid-19 numbers on its own”.

Instead, he told PA that our changing behaviour poses the problem, as we begin to spend more time in places where face masks aren’t mandatory, such as restaurants, and swap “bring your own” picnics for communal dinner parties.

For those concerned about the big move indoors, HuffPost UK asked leading experts in respiratory disease, immunology and hygiene for their top tips to reduce the risks.  Read more >>