Friday, September 4, 2020

First toilet paper, then yeast. Now laptops are hard to find

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By Clare Duffy, CNN Business

New York (CNN Business)In March, as the country transitioned to online learning almost overnight because of the pandemic, many schools and families did their best to make do with the tools they had.
The situation revealed deep disparities in access to at-home technology, and many school districts hoped to rectify the situation when they began hybrid or online schooling come fall.

"When we found out we would be doing remote learning in full, it meant we had to get devices distributed out to students in need," Lara Hussain, manager of academic technology for Denver Public Schools, told CNN Business. "Timing was critical ... No one wants to start where students have no access to devices or the internet."

But with districts across the country all placing big device orders around the same time — and with many universities and companies also reliant on remote work — the unprecedented demand for laptops has strained supply chains. As a result, schools and families are dealing with shipping delays, limited selections and higher-than-usual technology costs.  Read more >>