Thursday, September 24, 2020

At Least 380 Whales Dead In Australia's Largest-Ever Mass Stranding

Members of a rescue crew work to free a whale from a sandbar off the coast of Tasmania, Australia, on Tuesday. About 380 pilot whales have died in the mass stranding, one of the largest ever recorded. Brodie Weeding/AP

Laurel Wamsley

At least 380 pilot whales have died off the coast of Tasmania in what experts are calling Australia's largest recorded mass-stranding event.

Nearly 500 whales have been stranded on a beach and two sandbars along the western coast of the island state.

Initial reports on Monday said that 270 whales, some of which had already died, were stranded at three sites. Then authorities surveying the area by helicopter on Wednesday discovered another 200 that were stranded about 6 miles to the south — but all of those animals were confirmed dead.  Read more >>