Thursday, September 3, 2020

10 activities that expose you to coronavirus, ranked from most to least risky

These are the riskiest and safest things to do right now, according to an MD and the CDC.

Air travel is not recommended by most health authorities during COVID-19. Getty Images

By Mercey Livingston

You know that wearing a face mask and social distancing is important for protecting yourself and others from coronavirus -- but do you know how safe it really is to get a haircut versus going to a friend's barbecue outside? Even though almost every situation is unique and depends on a ton of variables, health experts say there are some activities that are generally less risky than others when it comes to protecting yourself and others from COVID-19.

The only way to keep yourself 100% free from risk is to technically isolate yourself from society and live somewhere you can be completely self-sustaining. But we know that most people aren't living that way and the rest of us have to interact with other people in some way during the pandemic, whether that's getting groceries or having food delivered. It's just not realistic (or conducive to good mental or emotional health) to live like that.

Given that, it's smart to educate yourself on the risks of different activities you may participate in and weigh the risks wisely. If you are immunocompromised for example, or live with someone who is, then you probably want to steer clear from anything on the list below that is considered higher risk.  Read more >>