Monday, August 24, 2020

What is up with young adults in Philly not taking coronavirus seriously? Here’s what they said

Diners at a Center City restaurant in late July. Masks are not mandatory when you're sitting at a table. (Mark Henninger/Imagic Digital)

By Michaela Winberg, Ximena Conde

After six months of pandemic quarantine, some of Philadelphia’s younger residents are no longer content to spend their days isolating themselves from the rest of society.

“We’re hard-headed,” said Monyah McQueen, a 24-year-old visiting friends in the city. “We like to do what we want to do.”

In multiple neighborhoods over the summer, young adults have been seen partying in groups that number in the hundreds and lack social distancing. They may have heard they’re more likely to survive than older folks if they catch the virus — and many seem willing to take the risk.  Read more >>